Air filters

Flytec Air Filters are the first line of defense for a compressor and have the biggest impact on the service life of the lubricant, separators, oil filters and the compressor it-self.
Flytec offers high efficiency air intake filters which out perform all existing air filters on the market delivering more value to the customers.

      Micro-Glass and Mini-Pleat System
      Our micro-glass mini-pleated Air Filters reach a 99.99 % initial efficiency faster than cellulose air filters and provide better protection by allowing fewer contaminants to pass through the media. Such system holds up to 5 times more contaminants than conventional cellulose air filters, making them ideal for extended maintenance intervals.
      Flytec micro-glass fibers are very fine nano scale fibers and are 80 times smaller in diameter than cellulose fiber. This results in very high initial efficiency and protects Air Compressors better than any filter available in the market.
      The Flytec mini-pleat system guarantees equal space between each filter pleat and maintains “V“ pleat geometry throughout the service life of the filter. As a result, 100 % of the surface area performs equally and delivers the expected protection, while minimizing pressure drops.


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